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hello there!

without going into too much detail, i’ll just say that im in some pretty bad trouble financially, as well as working with a mega old computer that’s on it’s last leg that i would very much like to replace soon. i haven’t had much luck finding a job since i left my last one, so!!! time to draw things for money!!!

some stuff:

- no hardcore porn or fetish content (no problem drawing ppl havin sex, just no genitals showing (boobs & general nudity are a-ok))

- price may rise depending on if certain props are added to the picture (guns, cars, detailed robots, super intricate clothing, etc) but i am more than willing to negotiate prices! 

- backgrounds will be blank white unless requested otherwise (changing to a different solid color is no problem & wont cost anything extra)

i use paypal only! my e-mail is . i recommend contacting me via e-mail only cuz i don’t trust tumblr’s messaging system one bit

thank you for reading ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

tickle is incredible pls halp a pal


Commission Sheet for this Year:)

Here are some details I need to address

1.As stated in the sheet, I will not start on anything until I received payment.
2.It will take me a while to get these done due to school and work, but I will get them finished.
3.If by any chance I haven’t started on the commission yet and it has been like forever, I will give you a full refund (but if it does take too long, which I hope it doesn’t).
4.If you commission any comics, have a script and character reference sheets ready. I do not want to be drawing anything based off a written description.

If you cant afford a commission at this time, please spread the word. Thank You


I do stand up comedy in New York. On Saturday, i have to do a show commonly known as a Bringer, which means I have to bring people to it in order to perform. Before you ask, I have been turned away before for not having enough people so I needto fulfill my requirement. Now, I have to bring 5 people. As of now, I have one guaranteed person coming. I need four more.

You may ask: “Why not ask your friends?”


Ha ha. Every time I ask a friend, they decide they’re busy that week or they bail on me after telling me they can totally go. This is a huge problem for people doing Bringers to the point we joke about how often friends suddenly have plans when we have shows, and how $20 is too much all of a sudden.

This is where Tumblr comes in! I’ve had more success getting people from Tumblr to come and support me than my friends (and I’ve also genuinely made friends by doing this)

If you are interested in going to my stand up show, which is Saturday the 26th in New York City, send me an ask for details. If you can’t go for any reason, then please signal boost this please!

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