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A sketch commission for protoss722 who wanted me to draw… I guess a Roger Rabbit parody using his OC Ryo, atroxchobatsu's OC Sarah, and Benny the cab. I hope you like it friend.

Want to commission me? Click here.


This was a pleasant surprise! I may not have requested it, but thank you for drawing it all the same. It´s awesome! :D

Looks like Benny isn´t even in control anymore. XD

Now that I’m in Mexico, I have to get re-acquainted with a regular old intuos4 (the smallest one, too) to draw anything on my laptop. I didn’t finish Shadow Puppets, but I intend to use any downtime to chip away at it. To warm up, I made a couple rough doodles. Helps me loosen up.

We got Sarah falling prey to some lost marbles, Sarah doing some faces, Sarah achieving enlightenment as a confused Casey looks on, and Sarah trying to imitate a seal.

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